Thursday, 7 January 2010

A Very Delayed- Three

Sorry.... its been a while!! After all the stress of the hand in i was so relieved that i had finished, i completely forgot to post a blog, and then came christmas ....and then came the snow!! I hope you had a lovely christmas.... and HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

Anyway back to where i left off!!!..... Oh that technical project was my worst nightmare, i don't think i have ever been so stressed in my life!!! However, i've done it and now its all over :) i am pretty pleased with my final images!!
These are my only digital images i have to show for my technical project, as all the rest are film, but when i eventually get the time i will put them up!!!
This was my first attempt at using the metz to create a fill in flash effect. I did later shoot a second shoot as i was unsure if this was correct but after showing the lecturers it turned out i h
ad got it right and these images worked best.
After all the stress of finishing the project, i was happy with my images and the dedication and time that i gave.... it seemed that not having a social life for weeks on end payed off in the end!! The crit went well and they seemed pleased which was good :)

Jessica x

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