Thursday, 14 January 2010


Before Christmas i also had my hand in for my incongruous project, that i have spoken about before. For this i went along the idea of 'food for thought' and literally played on that idea. I had a lot of fun with this project as my studio shoot was to have a model in the studio looking as though she was bored and hungry at work sat at the desk.... However, the fun part came in when sticking sweets to the models face!!! Luckily i had my friend Danni to model, that didn't have a problem with this, as i was literally sticking sweets to her face with icing sugar and putting doughnuts in her hair!! Throughout the shoot we were constantly trying to stick the hundreds and thousands back on her lips but they just didn't want to stay so in the end a little photoshop editing did the job!
The second shoot for the back drop of this image was taken in an office, out of focus so the attention would be on the model. I then put the two together by a very long and detailed process on photoshop. To enhance the sweets i then made them brighter and more contrasted and added little things like making her nails different colours and editing and blemishes.
Overall i am very pleased with my outcome and portrays the idea of incongruous well enough with a slightly styled fashion edge!!

Jessica x

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