Thursday, 15 April 2010

Twenty Eight.

I Finally got a chance to develop my Film from New York :)

I ended up using my film camera just for general snap shots! However, we came across these group of guys walking down the street when they shouted.. 'Sexy mamma's' at us! We laughed and carried on walking and when I got half way down the street I just knew I had to go back and take a photo of them! I'm not really one, thats confident with street photography, but as they 'sort of' approached us I found it very easy and just laughed my way through it!

Jessica x

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Twenty Seven.

Today Marco Santucci visited us and was by far one of the most interesting guest speakers that have visited. I have been familiar with the Santucci and co website for a while now and the works of Gemma Booth and Elaine constantine are very influential in my work.

Being a Art director of the Agency, Marco's talk was very helpful to my learning. His knowledge and experience within the industry and it mainly being fashion influenced was heavily favorable to my practice. I was unfamiliar with the process and ways in which and Agency would work, but with Marco's explanation I was able to gain a step by step insight into how you would go about getting involved with an Agency and the running of the business.

Elaine Constantine

Gemma Booth

Jessica x

Monday, 29 March 2010

Twenty Six.

Twenty Five.

After the technical issues of my last shoot for this project, I had to re-shoot! I decided to make the whole thing much more simple! I used the same make up throughout the shoot as last time I felt it was to distracting from the idea and all the colours and clingfilm! I had a last minute panic trying to find a model, but in the end I found one that was more than suitable for the project and didn't mind being wrapped in clingfilm :)

These are my final out comes for my Gaia project... consisting of a double page spread and a front cover. I chose to use Pop magazine as my commercial genre as the loud and vibrant colours best fitted the context of the magazine. I am very pleased with the project and feel my outcomes portray the theory of Gaia in a simple context, emphasizing the elements of the earth, but all coming together to show the earth as one!

Jessica x

Twenty Four.

YES... I got my work placement at Mulberryyyy!!!!

So exciteddd :) :)

Jessica x

Friday, 12 March 2010

Twenty Three.

So today I planed to shoot my final images for my Gaia project. I had my model and make up artist all ready, the only thing that wasn't sorted was the lighting! The set up that I used on my test shoot, just wasn't working and it was all going horribly wrong! In the end I was just got so annoyed with the lighting that there was no point carrying on because it wasn't what I wanted!

However, even these images are really over exposed, i really liked the effect...

Today has been stressful, but sometimes thats just the way it goes! I've got the studio booked again for monday, so hopefully I can get the look I was going for like my test shoot!

Jessica x

Twenty Two.

Classic Fashion- Shoot 2

I am really pleased with this project overall and the images that have come out of it! After alot of chasing round for clothes, many packages and deliveries and so much money spent, it seems that its all paid off! ... despite the post man thinking i'm some sex addict ;)

These images are the originals... i WILL get round to editing them very soon :)

Jessica x

Twenty One.

Classic Fashion- Shoot 1

These images are unedited and will be edited when the second half of the shoot is completed :)

Jessica x


Test shoot for Gaia...

Charlotte and I started experimenting with the gels and some cling film in the studio. I really like this effect and will use it within my final shoot. Each colour gel representing the elements of the world... earth, wind, water and fire. For my final shoot I will have a make up artist, to emphasize the elements at their fullest!

Jessica x

Monday, 1 March 2010


Petra Van Raij

Jessica x


I have a new love...

...Dan Martensen :)

Jessica x

Thursday, 25 February 2010


John Akehurst

Michael Howells

Both these artists have heavily influenced my ideas for my Gaia project. I love the use of material in Akehursts and the use of colour and gels in Howells images. I have a clear idea of what i want to do for this shoot with the use of gels and materials covering the face and the model looking like some sort of 'creature' underneath. All I need to do know is a test shoot to make sure it will all actually work!!... I will keep you posted :)

Jessica x


So today I woke up with three parcels in the post! The first being a whip, the second a bondage gag and the last a strap on! And NO these weren't for me, they are for my 'classic fashion' project. By luck they arrived in time for my test shoot today!
Although I had issues with the lighting and still need to correct this, I am very pleased with my out comes...

The idea behind this image is that women in the 30's and 40's (war time) were in the process of becoming powerful women, as before they were seen as very conformed and conservative. The thought of women and sex were not shown publicly as everything was hidden and only for their husband to see. As times were changing I wanted to show a contrast to how they are meant to be seen and what they are hiding. Thus I have used sex toys to demonstrate a naughty/ cheeky side. However, I wanted to steer away from cheeky and sexy poses, so have used a typical fashion jump style pose. I have bought a range of clothing from the local and vintage and charity shops some of which are displayed here. When shooting the final shoot I will have a hair and make up stylist with me in order to emphasize the 30's/40's look fully!
Technically these images aren't good enough, but hopefully in the mid way crit tomorrow the lectures will explain where i'm going wrong and I can correct this!

But overall I am very pleased with this test shoot :)

Jessica x


Lady Gaga at the Brits

Lady Gaga certainly made an entrance at the Brits last week. With her flamboyant tired gown and towering wig and her amazing lace mask and costume she certainly went all out! Although i'm not a big fan of her music, I can always sit and watch her music videos for hours as the style and set designs are phenomenal <3

Jessica x

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Right enough about other peoples and back to mine!

We have two projects on the go:

The theory of Gaia- This is project is on the theoryof Gaia, a very complex idea, but to put it simply it posits that the organic and inorganic components of the earth have evolved together as a single living, self- regulating system. For this project we have to produce a double page spread and a front cover of a magazine and dedicate it to a style of the magazine of our choice.

Instantly I had an idea for this project, using the elements of the earth for a studio fashion shoot. When in New York we went to the strand (an amazing book shop) and I found this book by an unfamiliar to photographer to me lucas Samaras. I actually wasnt to fond of his images within the book, it was more about his technique and use of gels... and the fact that it was only $9.95 :)

I couldn't find any images within this book on the internet, but this is the front cover and you can get an idea of the use of gels and colours. This gel idea will able me enhance this different elements so for example water- blue, earth- green, fire- red and air- white.

Another photographer that i have been hugely inspired by is Honker Akrawi who uses this ida of colour and movement creating a sort of creature style.

I really like this idea of the elements being and looking like creatures, either coming towards the camera or jumping in the air, intertwining with each other to show the bond that all elements are one.

Classic Fashion- For this project we have to produce 6-8 images that shows classic fashion with a modern day twist. I have racked my brains out with this project as there are so many possibilities but its just about finding the right and best one that expresses the project brief best!
My inital idea was to follow my love of Chanel using black and white in a simple studio set up with modern day clothing. This idea was made on the basis of my portfolio and having a set of image that display basic studio work, but after my tutorial it was evident that this idea didn't fill the brief and if it was to develop as an idea i would have to shoot on location. However, i really wanted to shoot in the studio for this project as on location means more effort of a bigger team, location lighting and waiting for the right weather.

After a weekend of complete desperation, i was writting up my guest speaker evaluation for Phil Toledano when i came across my notes..."I love reality, so always look at whats in front of you", automatically I came up with an idea and had to stop writting my evaluation and start writing down my ideas. Not like me at all my idea consists of 1930's-40's clothing and sex toys!! Women of that era, were always told what to do and how to behave acting as conservative women, but as the IIWW proceeded, women were becoming more powerful. I wanted to show this through the use of sex toys, by displaying something that they were hiding and cheekily showing it off.

I found Photographer Miguel Reverilego on the CLM agency website:

This theme, slightly risk taking and definitely not like any of my other work, but i'm looking forward to it and hope i can portray the image i have in my head in a studio shoot.

Now i've just got to research into outfits, go vintage shopping and buy sex toys, its a hard life ;)

Jessica x