Thursday, 25 February 2010


So today I woke up with three parcels in the post! The first being a whip, the second a bondage gag and the last a strap on! And NO these weren't for me, they are for my 'classic fashion' project. By luck they arrived in time for my test shoot today!
Although I had issues with the lighting and still need to correct this, I am very pleased with my out comes...

The idea behind this image is that women in the 30's and 40's (war time) were in the process of becoming powerful women, as before they were seen as very conformed and conservative. The thought of women and sex were not shown publicly as everything was hidden and only for their husband to see. As times were changing I wanted to show a contrast to how they are meant to be seen and what they are hiding. Thus I have used sex toys to demonstrate a naughty/ cheeky side. However, I wanted to steer away from cheeky and sexy poses, so have used a typical fashion jump style pose. I have bought a range of clothing from the local and vintage and charity shops some of which are displayed here. When shooting the final shoot I will have a hair and make up stylist with me in order to emphasize the 30's/40's look fully!
Technically these images aren't good enough, but hopefully in the mid way crit tomorrow the lectures will explain where i'm going wrong and I can correct this!

But overall I am very pleased with this test shoot :)

Jessica x

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