Monday, 30 November 2009


So, now I'm starting to realise how much work i have to do for my hand ins at the end of term!... (should of sorted my life out sooner.. but as per usual I've left everything to last minute!)
This week ive had no life... literally been either in the studio, shooting on location or sat with my head in my sketchbook at home! Its been hard to adjust, but I'm actually really enjoying being a geek :)

I took my friend Grace into a big open field that i found in Christchurch to do my black and white portraits. Grace worked really well with the camera as she's just natural photogenic. The frames varied from her in the distance, in the long grass fields and close up portraits, being significant in the frame to the landscape. With the horrible winter weather we were really lucky to have a sunny day, which really brought out the contrast in the film. I dressed grace in two outfits. One, being a large vintage jumper with over the knee grey socks and the next in a nineteen eighties black with gold poker dot jacket, with a black long tank top underneath. Although it was sunny, it was absolutely freezing, and poor grace was shivering her socks off! After developing my film and producing some prints in the dark room, I'm very pleased with this shoot, and have more than two prints that i can use for final outcomes :)
After i had finished my black and white films with grace, i had my first attempt using the metz flash to try some fill in. I seemed to of got the hang of it and got some nice portraits. However, im not sure if they meet the requirements of the brief, so im planning to do another shoot at a later date.

I have been doing alot of research this week for my incongruous project, in which i have to shoot a background and something shot in the studio, which will later be merged in photoshop to produce a final outcome.
I came across the stylist 'Gemma Hayward' when on twitter the other day. She has recently been working for Show Studios at Somerset House in London.
You should check out her website
I was particularly influenced by her commercial images, in which she had used an almost 'cut out' like background and i really think this would work well with my final image.
My idea came about along the theme of routine, in which i replaced a models face with a daily thought or object. This idea then developed to having a model set up as though she was in the office after hours... and all she can think about is food. To emphasize this thought, i want to stick food to her face, in a stylistic way to make it a fashion shoot. For the background i have arranged to shoot an office in uni after hours, in which its empty and solemn.

This isn't half of what i've been doing this week, but i wouldn't want to bore you too much!
I have much more planned for next week... so looks like I'm staying in for yet another week!!... but hey, at least I'm doing something i love <3

Jessica x

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


This week i shot my final high key lighting shoot for my technical workshop project. This image of my beautiful friend charlotte was shot on a Hasselblad 501 with a phase one digital back. I also shot a role of film, that i am yet to develop.
After randomly coming across the Sugababes video 'change' i was hugely inspired by their use of eye lashes. I tryed to find similar ones to they used in the video but couldn't find any... so i came across these and thought they would work really well on the lower lashes. I wanted to make the face look 'doll' like, so with the use of some blusher and red lips, it seemed to do the trick :)
Although i haven't developed the film yet, from the digital pictures, i think it went pretty well ( thats after i got to grips with the focusing!!!).

This image is straight from the camera, i am yet to edit. I'm currently in my early stages of learning how to airbrush, so i think once i've got to grips with that, ill come back to this image and do some retouching!!

I will upload my final film print that i use at a later date :)

Jessica x

Saturday, 21 November 2009


So, this is my first ever blog. I have never written anything like this before and to be quite honest, i don't know if i'm really gunna like it! Im not one to 'show off' or talk about my work to others, but i think its about time i broke that barrier, if i'm going to get anywhere in this industry!!

The basics...
Im Jessica Taylor, nineteen and originally from Reading. I have just started in september of this year, an FDA in commercial photography and the Arts University College at Bournemouth. This is my second year of living in Bournemouth as i studied my art foundation here too. I absolutely love it here, but recently i have made a life changing decision that next year (hoping that i get in), i want to move to London to study a photography and styling degree at LCF.
However, lets concentrate on now... I have decided to create a blog, as for my Personal, Planning, Reflection and Development project i have been told to submit a weekly blog (as long as i remember). The blogs will be a mixture between artist work, my own and anything i find that i feel is worth talking about!

So i guess thats all you need to know for now.

Jessica x