Monday, 29 March 2010

Twenty Six.

Twenty Five.

After the technical issues of my last shoot for this project, I had to re-shoot! I decided to make the whole thing much more simple! I used the same make up throughout the shoot as last time I felt it was to distracting from the idea and all the colours and clingfilm! I had a last minute panic trying to find a model, but in the end I found one that was more than suitable for the project and didn't mind being wrapped in clingfilm :)

These are my final out comes for my Gaia project... consisting of a double page spread and a front cover. I chose to use Pop magazine as my commercial genre as the loud and vibrant colours best fitted the context of the magazine. I am very pleased with the project and feel my outcomes portray the theory of Gaia in a simple context, emphasizing the elements of the earth, but all coming together to show the earth as one!

Jessica x

Twenty Four.

YES... I got my work placement at Mulberryyyy!!!!

So exciteddd :) :)

Jessica x

Friday, 12 March 2010

Twenty Three.

So today I planed to shoot my final images for my Gaia project. I had my model and make up artist all ready, the only thing that wasn't sorted was the lighting! The set up that I used on my test shoot, just wasn't working and it was all going horribly wrong! In the end I was just got so annoyed with the lighting that there was no point carrying on because it wasn't what I wanted!

However, even these images are really over exposed, i really liked the effect...

Today has been stressful, but sometimes thats just the way it goes! I've got the studio booked again for monday, so hopefully I can get the look I was going for like my test shoot!

Jessica x

Twenty Two.

Classic Fashion- Shoot 2

I am really pleased with this project overall and the images that have come out of it! After alot of chasing round for clothes, many packages and deliveries and so much money spent, it seems that its all paid off! ... despite the post man thinking i'm some sex addict ;)

These images are the originals... i WILL get round to editing them very soon :)

Jessica x

Twenty One.

Classic Fashion- Shoot 1

These images are unedited and will be edited when the second half of the shoot is completed :)

Jessica x


Test shoot for Gaia...

Charlotte and I started experimenting with the gels and some cling film in the studio. I really like this effect and will use it within my final shoot. Each colour gel representing the elements of the world... earth, wind, water and fire. For my final shoot I will have a make up artist, to emphasize the elements at their fullest!

Jessica x

Monday, 1 March 2010


Petra Van Raij

Jessica x


I have a new love...

...Dan Martensen :)

Jessica x