Monday, 29 March 2010

Twenty Five.

After the technical issues of my last shoot for this project, I had to re-shoot! I decided to make the whole thing much more simple! I used the same make up throughout the shoot as last time I felt it was to distracting from the idea and all the colours and clingfilm! I had a last minute panic trying to find a model, but in the end I found one that was more than suitable for the project and didn't mind being wrapped in clingfilm :)

These are my final out comes for my Gaia project... consisting of a double page spread and a front cover. I chose to use Pop magazine as my commercial genre as the loud and vibrant colours best fitted the context of the magazine. I am very pleased with the project and feel my outcomes portray the theory of Gaia in a simple context, emphasizing the elements of the earth, but all coming together to show the earth as one!

Jessica x

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