Tuesday, 24 November 2009


This week i shot my final high key lighting shoot for my technical workshop project. This image of my beautiful friend charlotte was shot on a Hasselblad 501 with a phase one digital back. I also shot a role of film, that i am yet to develop.
After randomly coming across the Sugababes video 'change' i was hugely inspired by their use of eye lashes. I tryed to find similar ones to they used in the video but couldn't find any... so i came across these and thought they would work really well on the lower lashes. I wanted to make the face look 'doll' like, so with the use of some blusher and red lips, it seemed to do the trick :)
Although i haven't developed the film yet, from the digital pictures, i think it went pretty well ( thats after i got to grips with the focusing!!!).

This image is straight from the camera, i am yet to edit. I'm currently in my early stages of learning how to airbrush, so i think once i've got to grips with that, ill come back to this image and do some retouching!!

I will upload my final film print that i use at a later date :)

Jessica x

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