Saturday, 21 November 2009


So, this is my first ever blog. I have never written anything like this before and to be quite honest, i don't know if i'm really gunna like it! Im not one to 'show off' or talk about my work to others, but i think its about time i broke that barrier, if i'm going to get anywhere in this industry!!

The basics...
Im Jessica Taylor, nineteen and originally from Reading. I have just started in september of this year, an FDA in commercial photography and the Arts University College at Bournemouth. This is my second year of living in Bournemouth as i studied my art foundation here too. I absolutely love it here, but recently i have made a life changing decision that next year (hoping that i get in), i want to move to London to study a photography and styling degree at LCF.
However, lets concentrate on now... I have decided to create a blog, as for my Personal, Planning, Reflection and Development project i have been told to submit a weekly blog (as long as i remember). The blogs will be a mixture between artist work, my own and anything i find that i feel is worth talking about!

So i guess thats all you need to know for now.

Jessica x

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