Friday, 15 January 2010


Over the last few days, i have literally been inspired by EVERYTHING! I just can't stop thinking about ideas and shoots, constantly coming across new photographers and models.

After receiving 'The September Issue' for Christmas i have been amazed by the works of Grace Coddington, creative director at U.S Vogue. Previously a model for Vogue in her early years, Grace now works along side Anna Wintour (editor-in-chief) creating all the ideas for the shoots etc.

I was inspired by her dedication to the shoots becoming not only the director but also the stylist! She shows a constant creative thought, coming up with new ideas and locations all the time. In particular, i loved her Alice in wonderland shoot she did for vogue in December 2003.

These images were photographed by Annie Leibovitz, but from watching 'The September Issue' its is evident that Grace creates and styles the whole scene, and the photographer is simply just there to sort out the technical issues and press the button!! I just love her sense of style and romance she displays throughout the shoot. All the images are so beautifully staged, portraying the imagery of the story.
Also from this shoot.... the model Natalia Vodianova!! Although she has been around for a while now... i am still struck by her elegance and pure beauty.
Ahh...... I just LOVE her!!!

Jessica x

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