Tuesday, 19 January 2010


So this week was the first week back at uni and i'm glad to be back :) I'm excited to get a new brief that isn't so forced and i can actually be imaginative with!! ... However, im not looking forward to this essay!

On wednesday we had a presentation from the fashion photographer Frederike Helwig. I found her presentation truly inspiring. Before the lecture i had researched and gained an insight in to her style of photography as i was unfamiliar with her work. My initial thoughts were that her photographs were quite plain and simple. However, her presentation gave a complete different context to her work and really displayed her character and style within her photographs. As a fashion photographer, her presentation was hugely relative to my practice. I found it inspirational looking at how she had started out in the industry and how she grew as a photographer, changing in different styles of fashion but still keeping her individual style. Her style displayed a 'quirky' european style, that was heavily displayed in her early work, but as her career moved on and by restrictments from commissioners her photographs had to conform to a more american style. However, within her american work, her individual style was still recognizable with that element of 'fun'. With her discussion on style, it really made me think about my own work. Frederike said that university is a good place to discover your own individuality as it what sets you in the right direction for when you leave. I feel that within my work i do show a sense of my own style, however, i feel i need to experiment a bit more with quirkier, individual ideas as my images seem a bit predictable!


Jessica x

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